Automation Engine (ESKO)

Working at the core of Print Quest is Esko’s powerful prepress workflow system. Our Intergrated tools drive efficiency and improve:

Quality Control
An Automation Engine takes care of the repetitive tasks so any human error is greatly reduced. An improved viewer also helps us compare files and view the smallest of differences very easily.

Order processing
Files can be uploaded to a secure hot folder on our FTP that is watched by our system. When a file is found our server will download and deliver it to our customer service team with no human intervention.

Job Traceability
Precise workflows ensure that all jobs complete important steps, allowing us to know the full lifespan of a job. After installing a full Esko Suite in 2016 productivity grew by 150% with capacity to spare. An Automation Engine allows us to get rid of the daily mundane tasks which free up more time for customer support, ensuring the repro is done correctly and more efficiently.

File Maker

Continuing to invest in our systems we have built a totally bespoke MIS system. Filemaker is much more than your average MIS. Our system integrates seamlessly into our other systems, Not only giving out information and instructions, but also receiving real time information so we know exactly where in the workflow a job is.

More accurate & faster estimating
Our customer service team have found significant time savings and achieved a higher hit rate from being able to turn quotes round in a matter of minutes.

Fast and accuarate information
Filemaker provides higher quality and more specific information to our Studio and Plate making departments. This efficiency ensures all critical deadlines are met.

Here at Printquest we continue to evolve and strive to exceed our clients specific requirements.


The latest edition to our systems is the world class and award winning GMG Proofing system.
GMG provides colour and dot accurate proofs. All proofs are stamped with a verification mark. GMG also provide quick and easy ways to confirm if a proof is within tolerances. With the addition of violet ink to the printer, 99% of the Pantone book is in gamut.