Kodak NX

Since the install of NX in 2008 Print Quest have led the way in High Quality Flexographic plates. Fully utilising Kodak’s new advanced patterns to meter the amount of ink that our plates lay down, generates a large cost and time saving when setting up and running jobs.

NX Advantages:
• Savings of up to 15% on ink usage compared to standard non NX plates.
• Denser/ cleaner colours achieved with less ink used.
• Increased Plate life due to the consistency and uniformity of the NX process. All dots and solids are formed at the same height. A kiss impression is all that is needed to get the optimum ink transfer between plate and substrate, thus reducing the stress and wear on the plate leading to a longer lifespan.

Pixel for pixel
Print Quest Graphics and it’s customers have greatly benefited from the only pixel for pixel plate imaging system on the market today. This helps us achieve lower dot gains, smoother gradient and cleaner print.

Repeated Consistency
The combination of our stringent work processes and superior Kodak imaging guarantee repeatability of replacement plates time after time.

Best in class print quality

Kodak NX With Advanced Optics
After being the first commercial install of NX in the UK, Print Quest Graphics is now the only install of NX with Advanced Optics.
This adds to the supreme quality of standard NX but now we can increase the optics from 2400 dpi x 2400 dpi to 4800 dpi x 4800 dpi and then 9600 dpi x 4800 dpi. By upgrading to this resolution we can output a 2.5 x 5 micron dot. This is ideal for security print, conductive inks and cold foiling along with it’s many other uses

MacDermid Plus

By combining NX imaging technology on Kodak DITR Film and MacDermid’s high performance analogue plate we can achieve exceptional image quality and definition.
Our entry level plate utilises the quality of the NX imager resulting in a flat top dot and near pixel for pixel replication. This is a great choice for more demanding substrates that require a slightly softer plate.


Installed in early 2018, all plates are now finished on our Kongsberg cutting table. Plates can be cut to any size cylinder and to any shape required by the client.

Benefits of Kongsberg cut plate:
• Reduced chance of plate lift.
• Less repeat plates due to mishandling.
• Large amount of time saved in pre press.
• Our plate cutting service has reportedly saved a customer 8 weeks per annum in mounting and pre press time.